2024 Marketers Cruise Preview Page...

Important Links and "Next Steps" For Invitees

Here's Everything You Need To Know Before You Go!

#1 - Book Pre-Cruise Hotel in Miami Beach by Dec. 9

Most guests are flying in to Miami (MIA) at least a day or two before we set sail.

You can schedule return flights anytime after NOON on Sunday, Jan. 14th - 2024.

CLICK HERE Reserve Your Pre-Cruise Stay At Royal Palm - South Beach Miami
Special Group Rates Include Welcome Networking Party

Friday Jan. 5th @ 5 PM - First drink's on us!
Plus Free Wifi and Transfers To The Ship.


After the Dec. 9th cut-off Date, please email
to try to get a reservation added to our group

#2 - Upload Your Marketers Cruise Directory Listing

CLICK HERE to UPLOAD your complimentary full-page listing with your photo and bio

to this year's printed Million-Dollar Directory.

IMPORTANT: Please do this BEFORE Nov. 6th to not miss out!

#3 - Join Private Marketers Cruise Friends FB Group

CLICK HERE to Meet Your Ship-Mates Before We Set Sail In Our Private FB Group

It's How We Stay In Touch Pre, During and Post-Cruise

CLIUCK HERE to Book Private Marketers Cruise Group Excursions

For Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao

These Will NOT Be Available Through Carnival or When Onboard The Ship.

Please contact Melanie@MyCompassTours.com

with any questions.

#5 - View Our Recorded Pre-Cruise Webinar Replay

Everything ELSE you need to know before we go!
Your questions answered by Mike, Tom & Captain Lou


0:00 - Intro

3:30 - History of the Marketers Cruise

7:00 - Group Leaders / Honored Experts

12:00 - What To Expect From Our Trip

24:00 - This Year's Costume Party Theme Explained

27:30 - Late Night Pizza & Profits

29:00 - Airports and Best Flight Times

31:00 - Pre-Cruise Hotel Info

33:15 - Where To Meet The Marketers Cruisers

35:00 - About Our Printed and Digital "Million Dollar" Directory

40:00 - Things To Do In The Islands

47:15 - ID Required

51:30 - About Online Check-In / Printing Boarding Passes

53:30 - How Are Gratuities Handled?

54:18 - Is It Worth Getting The Cheers Drinks Package?

56:00 - Communication / Wifi Onboard & On The Islands

1:00:23 - Last Minute Tips For Smooth Sailing

1:11:00 - Your Questions Answered

1:17:37 - Still Need Help? Best Ways To Contact Us

CLICK HERE For New Book About The Marketers Cruise
"How To Plug In, Partner and Profit While Playing At Sea with the World's TOP Marketers!" 

CLICK HERE to Apply For ESTA - Electronic System of Travel Authorization

#8 - Carnival's "Have FUN, Be SAFE" Protocols.

Carnival Now Welcomes ALL Guests. Please Read The Latest Policies and Protocols.

CLICK HERE To Check-In With Carnival and Print Boarding Passes starting 14 days prior to sailing.

#10 - Packing Tips For First Time Cruisers