Dear Travel Professional,

Since February of 2011, I have trained hundreds of agents just like you, on how to create your own Million-Dollar Groups business. By doubling and tripling your commissions with amazing, life-changing un-shoppable "Special-Events-At-Sea".

In 2019 before the pandemic hit, we were producing approx. 8 niche group cruises per year, from 50 to 500 guests each, and I just LOVE sharing my coveted "trade secrets" that's taken me close to twenty years to perfect!

Each year, I have accepted a maximum of 20 travel pros into my year long MDGS program, by application only, for a tuition of $5,000, sometimes reduced to $2,997. With average commissions of $835 per cabin, even one small group done right can turn a pretty sweet profit! Make that an annual event and you have created a predictable "annuity" for yourself while working smart instead of hard.

Here is an example of one of my prior "graduating classes" of Certified Group Event Travel Specialists...

Now that I've teased you with opportunity and tremendous profit potential, I must sadly announce that as we all await the return of cruise ships safely setting sail again....

Enrollment in the long-running, highly acclaimed Million-Dollar Groups System has been temporarily PAUSED due to the pandemic.

As you know, in March of 2020, the entire cruise industry went from 100 mph to ZERO in the blink of an eye. Sailings were halted and cruise lines scrambled to come up with new health and hygiene protocols such as new air filtration systems, temperature monitoring and testing each guest for Covid-19 before they are allowed to board. Plus stricter sanitization, staggered boarding and disembarkation and no more self serve buffets.

The CDC, ports of call and governments here and abroad must all approve of a cohesive plan for ships to resume sailing, hopefully sooner than later.

All this, in combination with an upcoming vaccine and advanced therapeutics, will hopefully bring us out of this "new normal" and back to a place where it's safe to hug again and have FUN times with a minimum of risk.

Meanwhile, many travel pros like yourself are just "hanging in there", in the business we love, waiting for better times ahead.

When we find out what that looks like, and how best to manage group cruise events going forward, I would be happy to re-tool and re-open my Million-Dollar Groups System training program...

At a reduced rate, to make it even more affordable for you to take advantage of. I love seeing people succeed without having to spend the 20 years I did to become an overnight success!

If this is something you would be interested in my starting up again, please let me know me below.

Remember, this too shall pass....

Smooth Sailing to even Greater SUCCESS with GROUPS,

Captain Lou Edwards

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